About the 5 Keys

What makes a Grammy winning musician, an Olympic athlete or a Nobel Prize-winner different from the rest of us?  What do they know that we don’t?  The surprising answer is nothing.

This breakthrough program turns long-accepted ideas of “success,” “hard work,” and “achievement” upside down by revealing the astoundingly simple formula that transforms an ordinary life into one of super-success and deep personal fulfillment.

As a founding father of the Human Potential movement, best-selling author George Leonard (The Ultimate Athlete, Mastery) has spent a lifetime uncovering the elements that allow the “superstars” of our culture to soar.  In this extraordinary program, he’s “cracked the code” and reveals five simple steps that will immediately transform your life into the one you were meant to be living.

Leonard is joined by some of the most successful people of our time, who share their intensely personal stories, practices and more.  Among them

• B.B. King: what’s the surprising “flaw” that drives this legendary blues guitarist?

• Eric Kandel:  How does this Nobel Laureate enjoy the “sensuality” of discovery?

• Carlos Santana: the Grammy-winning guitarist reveals the simple technique that puts him into an optimal creative flow.

• Launi Meili: the most important training for this Olympic Gold Medalist in Shooting takes place far away from the rifle range.

• Wendy Rieger: the veteran TV journalist and news anchor for NBC4/Washington reveals the “obstacle” she relies on for career momentum.

• Linus Torvalds: the creator and architect of the groundbreaking LINUX computer operating system explains the powerful alchemy of “small picture thinking.” 

You’ll also hear from an acclaimed acting coach who’s shaped Oscar-winning performances from Halle Berry and Charlize Theron, a top runway model who’s successfully carved out a career in the ferociously-competitive world of fashion, the first American to win the Olympic Gold in snowboarding, and one of Hollywood’s most recognized character actors (hint: he was a hoot in Groundhog Day).  Despite different careers and backgrounds, they all share the same success secrets: the five keys to mastery.


• Why concepts like “working harder” is counterproductive.  How can working smarter do more for you?

• The power of ignorance: why The Fool can do better than The Smartest Person In the Room.

• Success doesn’t begin on paper, a whiteboard or a spreadsheet.  Discover your secret stash of unlimited potential.

• A new definition of “risk” that doesn’t involve fear, sweaty palms, or sleepless nights.

• The most magical trait you need to reach BEYOND your dreams. 

In this enlightening, inspiring, and practical program, see why super achievement isn’t something granted only to a few “special” people.  Success and a purpose-filled life are part of our DNA, just waiting to be unlocked . with the Keys to Mastery.