"Your quiet persistence has paid off big-time. The color is vivid, the camerawork profound, and your subjects surpass themselves in elucidating the thesis. I'm impressed and appreciative. As Annie said while viewing, 'This is an example of the best types of programs you see on PBS.' I agree."

George Leonard



"I’ve been with the book for over 10 years, so the video was a great find. After watching it half a dozen times, I just let it keep playing to listen to the soundtrack. It came along at a critical juncture and helped me considerably."

Frank Giovinazzi, Publisher, Car Buyer’s Notebook

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"The 5 Keys to Mastery was impressive and inspiring.  Thank you for bringing all this wonder into my life." 

Onward, Carin Cooper



"I was at the showing at the Community Church in Mill Valley (California) this past Saturday evening. There are no words to adequately express my response to your creation.

I showed the copy I purchased to my ITP Group Tuesday night--they were electrified. I didn’t sleep either Saturday night or Tuesday night, so I now know to view it during the day. Congratulations on such a life-affirming and life-changing creation."

- Bob Doenges


"I really enjoyed it - and was inspired - and laughed!  Seems that the rest of the audience [at The 5 Keys to Mastery screening] had a great time.  I wish that the sequel will be just as good and better (practice makes perfect?)."

Cornelia Sarvey



"My name is Natalie P "Beautiful Dreamer" -

I really really really enjoyed the film. It's so nice to see someone pour their heart and soul into something that has such a positive effect on others. I really needed to see and hear all of the motivational ideas and suggestions in the film. It was just a complete pleasure to witness. A truly AMAZING experience!  My best friend and I talked about it the whole ride home!!!

This film is truly refreshing!!! It stands alone. It encourages you to dream as BIG as you want to...and even when you've reached encourages you to reach higher and dream BIGGER!! This film changed my sounds somewhat cliché...but it's true. It’s completely changed the way I THINK.  Most people don't know that, but the way you think confirms your success. I really don't know what else to say except for to order it and see for yourself!!! An experience you will never forget!"

Natalie Prather



"Just to say I think you did a superb job.  It deserves success. You know, I never did ask you, but just curious, how did you get all these folks?  That deserves an even bigger KUDO." 

Jayne DeVane




"Impressive piece of work!"

Virginia Quesada




"Thank you for sending me The 5 Keys to Mastery DVD. It is very well done and inspiring.  I would like to have copies to give to my children. 

Thanks again ."

Paul (Reed Smith)




"This program makes you want to go out and pursue your dreams right then and there! It's a must see!" 


Tara Foster (Sydney, Australia)




"It left me with a deep-seated challenge to transform my approach to career and life in general!!" 

Maina Muthee (Boston, MA)




"You have created a powerful means of conveying a fundamental message! It's simply fabulous!" 

Jaime Kooser (San Francisco, CA)




"This video is so ‘now.’ It's really an amazing piece of work." 

Beverly Riffle (Escondido, CA)




"It changed my life." 

Naomi (Bethesda, MD)